Halal Food in Virginia



We offer our customers special deals so do check our website, call us on 703-590-1100 for our restaurant in Manassas or 703-492-0555 for our restaurant in Woodbridge or you can just order from our mobile application and might just find a deal that you wanted from us or you just might miss it. Let’s first talk about Petra Grill Catering services. We offer you 24/7 catering services with the best food than anyone else.

You can find different Food dishes in our Petra Grill Restaurant menu offer Halal Food in Virginia, some of these are appetizers as it is something people go for first. In appetizers you can get Baba Ghanoush a Levantine appetizer of mashed cooked eggplant mixed with tahini, olive oil, and different seasonings, Grape Leaves they are picked fresh which are mixed with different spices, you can also get Meat Pies which is a pie filled with meat. You can also find Hot Entrees like Beef Kabob Platter, Best Shawarma Virginia is also a part of our menu along Gyro Platter a Greek dish made with meat cooked on a rotisserie and for a dish on the sides you can get Couscous Salad, French Fries, and Greek Salad.

If you want to dine-in, takeaway or want an order delivered to you. We have a special menu for you which includes different side dishes like Couscous Salad, French Fries, and Tabouli, various sandwiches which include Halal Beef Shawarma Sandwich, Falafel Sandwich, Kufta Kabab Sandwich. You can also find appetizers like Cheese Pie, Hummus, Kebbeh. You can also go for our Kabobs which include Beef Kabob, Chicken Kabob, Kufta Kabob, Lamb Kabob, and Mixed Grill Kabob.