Petra Grill Restaurant

We offer our customers with Halal and Fresh Food the ingredients we use in making different cuisines are fresh and the meat using in preparing the food for you is Hygienic. Petra Grill wants you to have the best food possible that why whatever you order is prepared by our skilled staff which makes you food with extreme care. If you are looking for a catering service you don’t need to look as we also offer our customers 24/7 catering services with a special menu just for you. You have the option to dine-in, takeaway and get your order delivered to where ever you want. Whatever you choose for one thing is for sure what you receive from us will always be fresh and hot. Whatever you order will be made with such care that you will not stop eating until the whole dish is finished. You can get our ordering application from the android and apple store which can help you with ordering from us easier. You should check our websites for different deals as there just might be a one that you like. We always care a lot about our customers. Petra Grill Restaurant loves to serve you the best and tasty Pizza and pasta. Download our Partake7 iOS App or Partake7 Android App. You can also enter your number and we’ll send you the link.


Here’s what our happy Clients had to say about our services:

Excellent food, comfortable dining , all round great place to.


Great prices, nice and friendly service, delicious and halal food!

Kazim Teser

The owners and staff are great, and the food is done of the best in the area!

Van Owen